Project Goals

Here is a rundown of my goals for this project:

  1. Be as faithful as possible to the original game (my coverage target).
  2. Deal with Product Identity issues by omitting the offending element (i.e. no look-alike monsters).
  3. Correct inconsistencies, generally by selecting the simplest solution, or the solution most consistent with the rest of the rules..
  4. Reorganize the presentation to make the game more playable.
  5. Avoid copyright infringement by remodeling; rules are kept similar as much as possible but details are changed (this is different from rule 2 above because it involves not infringing the copyright of the original game). Of course, no actual text is copied from the original game; it's all written fresh. But in some cases, even a rewrite ends up too close to the original text... there are just only so many ways to say some things.

The most important factor to note here is that there is no fixed order of priorities above, except that the second and fifth rules (the ones that are primarily legal in nature) trump the others. Really, all of the goals above are important, and balancing them is a big part of my task in creating this work.

Once the project is complete, I will make print copies available on the same sites I use for Basic Fantasy RPG, that is, Lulu and CreateSpace (and thus Amazon). It is my intention to give away the PDF for free indefinitely. There is no plan to remove it from circulation at any point.